Have 2 weeks minimum no shaving hair growth for intimate waxing areas, backs and chests. 1.5 weeks minimum for underarms and 3 weeks minimum for legs. 

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin daily for optimum hair removal (do not moisturize on the day of your appointment). Dry skin forms around the base of the hair which increases hair breakage during the waxing and sugaring process. It will also increase ingrown hairs post waxing. 

Histamine reactions are very common for newbies. Many clients find that taking a child dose of benadryl an hour before hair removal helps decrease or prevent the red bumpy histamine reactions. As always check with your doctor if you are unsure about taking benadryl.

Remember if you are new to waxing and have an important event please try and get at least 2 hair removal sessions done before event/vacation and always have a 72 hour buffer before event/vacation. 

Hair grows in 3 cycles. It will take 3 waxes minimum to achieve the smoothest result. In order to achieve long lasting smooth hair free skin you MUST remove the hair during the active growth phase which for most areas is every 3-5 weeks. That means even if you only have little patches of hair at 4 weeks you need to remove them in order for your hair to all get on the same growth cycle. New growth when first waxing or sugaring will feel prickly (this is not broken hair) this new growth hair looks like pepper under the skin. Hair in the resting phase has detached from the blood supply and has new growth hair growing beside it. That is why the first 3 times minimum (some take up to 5 times) you will feel hair coming up shortly after hair removal appointments. Do not shave or tweeze this new growth hair this will only delay getting your hair from getting on the same growth cycle. 

You CAN continue hair removal sessions during your period. Tampon, Advil. No big deal. 

 Ladies if you are having intimate waxing and have had a yeast infection you MUST wait a full week after the last dose of medication to be waxed/sugared. Yeast infections of the hair follicles are no joke and public scratching welll. Better be safe than itchy


I recommend ALL new clients purchase homecare at the time of first appointment so that you can prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Post care kits are $34. Good skin care is crucial when waxing or sugaring in order to maintain barrier integrity and to prevent infection and fissures (cracks) in the skin. When skin has fissures you will be prone to skin lifting and overly irritated skin. 


Always remember to inform me if you have been on ANY medications in the past 6 weeks prior to waxing. Many medications including antibiotics, antidepressants, and daily antihistamine/allergy medications can cause skin dryness and sensitivity resulting in irritable skin post hair removal.

Pre wax instructions

When you come to Skin Solutions for a waxing service you can be assured that cleanliness is my top priority. I DO NOT double dip ever, no matter what body part I'm waxing.  I use fresh linens or a disinfected wax pad with every client. I use gloves for every wax service,  I wipe down anything I touch with disinfectant wipes, and whatever supplies I pull out to use on you, go in the trash when we  are finsihed with your service. Yes, that means that I waste some supplies but I don't want to cross contaminate my supplies which could potentially put my clients at risk. Your health and safety, as well as my own are important to me. Please take the time to read over the pre wax and post wax instructions, so you can make the most of your waxing appointment.

Post wax instructions

For 24 hours NO exercising, swimming,sauna, hot tub, intimate activities or anything else where bacteria of others can be introduced into freshly epilated follicles 


Intimate waxing areas sleep in loose PJ bottoms sans undies to prevent friction related ingrown hairs. 

First 48-72 Hours use topical benadryl gel to treat histamine reactions (red bumpy skin)


First 48 Hours Use Sweet Professional Calming Antibacterial Spray a minimum of 2x daily. This will calm your skin as well as kill bacteria on the skin (intimate waxing clients)


 72 hours Post Hair Removal start using your supracor exfoliation mit and antibacterial soap (Dial Gold Liquid is good) 1-2times daily in the shower in between hair removal sessions (intimate waxing clients)


72 hours Post start moisturizing your skin daily with a fragrance free lotion (Cerave is a great one). This will help maintain normal healthy barrier as well as preventing breakage during the hair removal process and will help prevent ingrown hairs due to dry skin. 


 If ingrowns do occur use medi-paste 2x daily until ingrown is cleared. 


Shower immediately after physical activity and do not add fabric softener to workout clothing or undergarments. White Vinegar during rinse cycle will act as a natural freshener.


 Back Waxing Clients neutrogena body clear body scrub is an excellent body wash to use along with a supracor back scrubber to prevent back breakouts. 


ALWAYS call or text with any questions or concerns. Remember I can't help you if you don't let me know.