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June 8, 2015

You should always check the ingredients of your hair and skin care products. Many products that say the wont clog pores or are non-comedogenic have poreclogging ingredients in them. There is no regulation so companies can claim their products promote clear skin, when...

June 5, 2015




Stay away from foods that contain iodine and iodides. Iodized salt, seafood, fish, seaweed, kelp and/or supplements, sports drinks/bars and fast food are common foods containing iodine. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate and greasy foods do not aggravate acne, un...

June 4, 2015

People who get acne are genetically predisposed to it. Acne, known as hyperkeratosis, is caused by an excess of skin cells shedding inside the pore. Acne prone skin can shed up to five layers of skin cells a day inside the pore. Where as, someone who isn’t prone to acn...

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